Bad Eyesight & Glasses:
The Whole (Short) Story

Below, a brief animated video series summarizing the science and biology of eyesight, nearsightedness, and glasses (& endmyopia).

Note that this is meant just as an introductory summary.  There is a whole lot to be said about human eyesight and myopia, especially if you’re set on getting your natural 20/20 vision back.  For much more deep dive nerdy science, studies, and peer reviewed papers, check our science section.

Why Your Eyesight Sucks

Retail Optometry: Follow The Money

How Glasses Make Your Eyes WORSE

How I Got Rid Of My Glasses ENTIRELY

How To Measure Your Eyesight

Foot note here:  If you want to go straight deep dive on measuring eyesight, check out some DIY home tools.  Note it’s a page from a decade ago, so not entirely fancy stuff.

How To Measure Your Eye STRAIN

Active Focus: The Key Stimulus

Differential Glasses: Fix Eye Strain

Normalized Glasses: The Eye “Gym”

There it is, hopefully you enjoyed it.  Took me ages to make this series!

And realize that at its core, endmyopia is about producing results, first.

We’re fascinated by all the science and biology, seeking explanation for why and how things work.  Most time we spend on actually reversing our myopia, however.  Check out detailed improvement reports from many thousands of participants over the past decade.