You can reach me via e-mail: jake@ this domain.  

Or you can hit reply on any e-mails you got from my 7 day, 7 session, free guided course on natural myopia control.  All of those e-mails come straight to me (perhaps first checked by my admin for spam and unsolicited sales requests).  

Looking for a BackTo20/20 invite?  These tend to be in short supply since they include my direct support and my time here is a bit limited.  Best is to get one if the system sends it to you (7 day free e-mail guide, great place to start).  Didn’t get one?  Did the e-mail series already?  Drop me an e-mail for available spots & the wait list.  ;)

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For physical mail, you may send to us at:

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Note that your favorite Jake is more digital than analog, and usually on the road.  So to ensure delivery and in particular me actually looking at your mail (vs. the admin throwing it in a pile), a quick heads-up to me via e-mail could be wise.