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Your Eyes Aren’t Broken.
Nearsightedness Is Not An Illness (But A $100 Billion Business)

Understand – Control – Reverse Your Myopia

Could you reverse your nearsightedness and throw away your glasses?
Take the myopia quiz and find out how your odds compare.

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Your eyes aren't broken

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This is the science section. Straight into studies and academia lingo. You’ll want to explore here for the “raw materials” of Jake’s method. Take me to the studies.

Myopia: A Negative Refractive State

Much has been made of nearsightedness being a mysterious genetic condition. But that’s not the case, according to clinical science. Explore science relevant to myopia and eyesight.

Explore The Science

Science:  Myopia Is Not An Illness. “A significant increase in optical axial length occurred after hyperopic defocus, and a significant reduction in optical axial length was found after myopic defocus.”

– ARVO Journals: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol.51, 6262-6269

Science:  Your Glasses Cause Myopia  “Intervention with prescriptive lenses and that refractive correction of myopia will lead to accelerated progression.”


- New England College of Optomety, Boston, Massachusetts, study

Science:  Stimulus Can Reduce Myopia.  “Training of the accommodative system in these progressing myopes resulted in improved dynamics in both laboratory and clinical measures.”

- OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCE: American Academy of Optometry, study
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