The Goal Post: No Glasses Eyesight (20/40 – 20/20 Range)2018-12-02T04:34:24+00:00

It Takes Time To Get Back To 20/20.

And as most beardly sages will tell you, the path is the goal.  Or something.  

In this subject matter it’s every diopter that matters, they’re all milestones that will give you a better vision experience than the previous, higher diopters.  -10 diopter myopia is nothing like -5 diopter myopia.  At -10 you can barely wear glasses, your field of vision is seriously compromised, everything is smaller and more distorted.  -5 looks like super high definition magic 8K reality, compared to -10.

And -4 is nothing like -2.  At -2 you almost don’t need glasses for close-up, and you’re likely to get clear flashes even without glasses.  And once you get to the last diopter, you can be without glasses in good outdoor lighting, and likely experience increasing amounts of great eyesight.

I also wrote several posts on the rate of improvement, and also did a quick and as-usual rambling video on the “how fast” question:

All that said, because newbies always ask this question (and who can blame them), here’s some updates from darling students who made it all the way to 20/20, or are just about there.  

Because yes of course, you can (and should) go all the way back to 20/20.  So enjoy some of the 20/20 gains reports here below.

20/40 To 20/20 Range Improvement Updates:

Audrey: -2.75 To No Glasses | Shortsighted Podcast

Meow, darlings. A quick heads up in case you haven't seen some of the podcast style improvement chats with fellow participants. A while back we talked to Audrey, who gains-ed her way from -2.75 daily wearing of nerd goggles, to being largely free of the pesky plastic lens subscription.  Praise be to the four eyed beardly gods and goddesses, and [...]

Alex: From -3.75 To Passing DMV Vision Test

Another podcast style episode today. But first, a tiny moment of celebration.  Our darling Facebook group has hit 16.000 members! That's with me admitting about 50% of new member requests (lots of people are too lazy to properly answer the join questions).  And no promotion or advertising or any sort of specific efforts to promote the group. Look at all [...]

🎥 Matt’s Progress: -5.00 To No Glasses

Here's another podcast style episode improvement update. We have a great chat with Matt in this one, about all the progress he's made to get his eyeballs back in tune.  All the way back from -5 diopters (same as ye ole guru, incidentally). Check it out: You can also find this same video here on our Youtube channel. Along [...]

Srinidhi: Improved Eyesight Back To 20/20

Today, another podcast style episode covering some 20/20 gains. Honestly, an ole Jakey is feeling slightly burned out on posting improvement reports.  Pretty much given up on reposting the countless e-mails and many Facebook posts.  Trying now for a format change, to maybe revitalize the guru ambitions to share all the gains people are making.   But still.  It's a [...]

Zoe: “I’m 20/20, Optometrist Still Tried To Sell Me Glasses”

Another day, another deluge of improvement reports. Mostly it's a deluge because uncle Jake only posts these once every third solar eclipse, and because many days it just feels like ... ohhh what's the point anyway. Zoe-Lee: 20/20 But Need Glasses?! Well, let's see if we can find a point ... Uhm .... I guess one possible point, you're going [...]