Oh boy, I can imagine the comments already.

“But Jake, that was barely two diopters.  From there to 20/20 that’s not even impressive, brrrrrrro.”

But here, anyway:

There are a lot more of these, some starting with much higher diopters.

If it’s just regular improvement reports, people aren’t happy because “bro that’s not 20/20 there’s no point”.  If it’s massive gains, people aren’t happy because “bro why am I not getting four hundred million percent gains in a month, that other guy did”.  And if it’s the perfect update it still doesn’t matter because “bro where’s your peer reviewed clinical study, bro”.

There is plenty of science of course, but that’s not their point.  Their point is excuses as to why failing in life while seeming perfectly rational, can be a whole hobby onto itself.    That’s why there’s reddit, after all.

In case you’re one of the people who just wants better eyesight and not slowly murder Jakey via Internet commentary, hopefully this gains report is adding motivation.  

For everybody else, there are plenty of lens sellers to offer instant gratification with zero personal accountability required.  

Go make some 20/20 gains!

– Jake