Having kids …. 

Possibly the best of all reasons to know how to take good care of yourself.  Best of all reasons to stay out of the greedy hands of symptom treatment subscription vendors.

I’d say “doctors”, but that title seems to go to anyone these days.  From acupuncturists and chiropractors to brain surgeons and cardiologists.  Not to knock either, but the educational requirements certainly differ quite a lot.  A title that says little more than “maybe I write a lot of prescriptions and maybe big pharma is paying me well for it”.  Or maybe, not any of that.   You can’t tell, just by a title that is meant to lure you into institutionalized trust.  

For sure though selling glasses (not actually figuring out your myopia) is what students are taught in optometry school.  

Anywho, rant over.  Here’s a nice e-mail from Heather:

Heather did well.  Keeping her kids away from “oh it’s genetics here buy these glasses“.

Seems the entire so-called healthcare industry has expanded massively into selling all sort of their wares to our children.  All we can do here to counter it, without millions in lobbying money and marketing power, is grass roots sharing our experiences and links to actual science.

Keep making those 20/20 gains.