Welcome back to the show, “Mysterious Genetic Illness, Your Disease Riddled Eyeballs”

Oh no wait, that’s not right.  That’s actually your friendly retail optometrist’s show.  Totally spaced out this morning, off coffee again, flipped to the wrong page.  We here don’t actually make wildly unscientific claims about your eyes, just to sell you glasses a at an average 6,000% markup.  

We just tell you things about actual biology and actual science.  Not a popular stance these days.

Being unpopular has its perks, though.  Like not being a lifetime subscriber to corrective lenses.

From our Facebook group, this time:

Well, who’d have thought.

There are a small handful of other fellow friends who passed through the 4 diopter mark.

20 years now, human eyesight has been ole Jakey’s side obsession.  I get confronted by retail optometrists somewhat regularly, and then watch them scurry off after they figure out that their personal insults don’t change anything about peer reviewed science and factual biology reality.

So if you want to ‘fix’ your eyes, you’ve come to the right boudoir of unpopular insights.  Enjoy a few more of the thousands of improvement reports, check out some of our Shortsighted Podcast clips, revel in the possibility that for-profit-healthcare might have been lying to you once again.


– NoCoffeeMcCrankyface