Quick one today, to keep up the recent regular improvement posting updates.

This is just a normal progress report.  Not the dramatic 20/20 recoveries or all the optometrist confirmed stories

Best thing here, confirmed that it works, on track for gains.

For reference if you’re currently at over -5, you’d definitely love the much larger image and less compression of a minus three point something.

Also while we’re here, an interesting side note:  Could you guess what group of people take to endmyopia the easiest?

Not Alex Jones subscribers (though … you’d think).

Actually medical doctors, academics, anyone with a research background or deeply familiar already with human biology.  Basically, people who already have the very useful foundation of knowing how to look at clinical studies or understand human physiology well.  

All this crazy talk makes a lot of sense when you know what to look for.

And if not … well, be skeptical.  Always always be very skeptical of all Internet things.  And diet stories and just any sort of thing promising significantly different outcomes than you previously thought were realistic.  Usually and more often than not, things are in fact too good to be true. 

Like Jakey’s majestic beard.  All sorts of rumors about that one, too.