Well well well.

Look at all of this.  Ole Jakey, still posting improvement updates.  Get ready for a nice one, that the critics will undoubtedly call “too slow” and “what’s even the point, he still needs glasses”.

Not sure about you, but I love the critics.  Their arguments make so much sense!  Why bother, in the end we just die.

To which I say … we shall die without glasses, kittehz!


Ok, so there.

“That’s not a study, Jake”.   

“That’s anecdotal Jake, not proof.”

And while we might have thousands of anecdotes spanning countless spiderweb-ed decades, it’s true.  What I tell you, isn’t science.  Even if we collect tons of science here.  Even if there is science showing exactly why what we do, works.  Well, sort of exactly.  If you know how to extrapolate the basis for stimulus and understand hyperopic defocus and other boring biology bits.

If you’re anything like me (meaning, tell me how to get rid of the nerd goggles), just don’t even worry about all that.  Get the basics on eye strain and stimulus, get yourself some less ants-in-space level of goggles, and make some 20/20 gains.