It won’t be long now, darlings.

Checking in on Twitter for a few minutes every morning, watching clown-world unfold.   It seems we’re really serious about going as completely r*tarded as possible, while simultaneously building the most mind blowing alien-sci-fi-movie level of AI technology.

They built a physical robot running ChatGPT.   It thinks and moves and exists in full on 3d people reality, it’s hard to believe that is all happening.   And meanwhile we’re being told to go along with dudes pretending they’re now girls.  We must call him “she”, you see.  It’s a new thing.  And it’s to be taken very very seriously.

Like you mean it, though.  Say ‘she’ like you mean it!

Meanwhile that’s happening.   Should we focus on that maybe?

We live on the precipice of a real, seriously different future.  And speaking of future precipice (-es? ee?), ole Jakey planned to go to Europe this summer.  Turns out though that the same monkeys that can’t keep simple biology straight, also can’t stop discussing having a nuclear war over there.  Because of course why wouldn’t we.

All the proper contrast.  Monkey want nuclear war.  Machine becomes smarter than human.  In real time.

Also, presbyopia isn’t a real thing.

Actually of course, sure it is.  Sort of like obesity and heart disease, and child ADHD and huge rises in office worker depression.

We have a lot of problems that we manifest by being good little cogs in the big machine.  Like our vision problems.  You could train AI to tell you about presbyopia.  Show it endmyopia and let it read all of the known biology and clinical science via Google Scholar, and immediately and with irrefutable logic it will conclude that yes, myopia and presybyopia and all of the lens seller stories, are convenient fiction.

Monkeys.  As we already pontificated.  Dressed eyes in 16th century ‘tech’, some clear curved pieces of plastic, that are ‘prescribed’ to us by vaguely hapless individuals adorned in meaningless titles.  You find them work in shopping mall stores, telling you everything about ‘genetics’ while knowing nothing about the biology they’re meant to ‘treat’.

We’ll run out of parentheses soon, at this rate.

Here’s the original e-mail having prompted this entire futile digression:

Of course it has disappeared.

Your old Beard is half relieved, half puzzled by the future unfolding immediately before us.  At any moment we could train an AI based on the 1,200 articles on endmyopia, and completely and much improved-ly replace these current shambling rambles.

There is no point for Jake, besides going back to being a farmer and mumbler-to-oneself.  You don’t have presbyopia.  You don’t have anything wrong with you at all, besides whatever all the things we do that aren’t what our meatbox avatars were designed for.

Go outside.  Take a load off, enjoy the sunset of us being ‘the smartest things on the planet’.




P.S.: If ole Jakey not immediately being on board with new woke ideology or being unenthusiastic about nuclear war offends, I do apologize.  It’s not my field certainly, nor area of expertise.  I know it doesn’t belong into the topic of eyesight.  You don’t come here to get opined on about unrelated topics, for which you may have your own opinions.  It’s just … I couldn’t find motivation to write yet another article just saying “you see you don’t have presbyopia”.  We’ve got over a thousand of them, and you’re finding me existentially bored with circling around the subject.

If you have nothing endmyopia to say, say nothing at all, you’re thinking.

And you’d be right of course.  I know this.  One of these days we’ll have an AI re-write this entire site, removing many of these unrepentantly un-topical missives.