Buckle in kittehz, Jakey recorded another Shortsighted Podcast episode.  

Right on schedule at the rate of about one per decade, we continue the now millennia old tradition of chatting with fellow darling eyeball enthusiasts.  We regale you with their tales of leaving the Church of Mysterious Genetic Illnesses and finding out that their bodies are actually healthy and functional.  

The hundred billion dollar a year industry selling lens subscription is lying to you about your eyes.  Who could possibly have ever figured.  

Before this turns into a rant you’ve heard countless times before though, here’s the actual chat:

I like this episode.  It’s not flawless perfect smooth progress.  It’s also not epic years of struggles.

Actually speaking of epic struggles and avoiding them, Michaela found a neat trick to discover active focus almost immediately.  I have no idea if this is a thing that may work for others as well but as so often, we find something new, we share it and try and see what happens.  That’s the endmyopia way.

She also managed to get one of her two kids almost back out of lens dependence, and used her knowledge about eyesight to prevent myopia for the second one entirely.  

Here’s the audio track of the episode:

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The more you know, the less likely you will be bamboozled by the “health care industry” and their endless attempts at selling subscriptions to lifetime symptom treatments.  

And of course your favorite Jakey is all for the many advancements in medical science.  There are a lot of amazing things that have been done, health and life spans increased.  It’s just that idle hands are the devil’s something-something, and when they don’t have something necessary to engineer and sell, they will find something to sell you regardless.

Like glasses.

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