Presently a very old Beard is sitting in a cafe in bustlingly étrange and somewhat rainy Hong Kong, muttering into his princely graying whiskers, typing things we’ve been typing here online for the past decade:  You don’t neeeeeeeed glasses.  Retail medicine is a for-profit industry and as such, they’ll maybe help you – but that’s not their actual business.

Their business is selling you stuff.

Do consider basic logic and realize that their priorities may make your well-being coincidentally coincidental.

Also and completely unrelated here’s Tanya in the process of cancelling her diopter subscription:

Is it possible, Jake?  Eyesight can improve?

Can it really be done, Jake?  Is it a scam though, Jake?  Yes sure it’s free and tens of thousands of people have done it but Jake, you’re also selling a course Jake.  Are you just in it for the money, Jake?  Even though everything I need is freely available, Jake?

I dunno.  Biology is a profound mystery.  Can you go to the gym, change your body?  Can you start running and totally change a huge amount of cells in your body to accomplish cardio feats you may have previously thought impossible?  Can you learn a language, play guitar, can you get a tan, can you anything?

Or is all of our biology static, destined to just get worse, in ever present need of some sort of treatment subscription.  Would we be blind and helplessly die without the retail medical profession selling us pills?

Sometimes, probably.  But sometimes doesn’t really pay the bills, does it.

Yes modern medicine can be amazing.  But alas, glasses aren’t medicine.  And equally alas, myopia isn’t an illness.  Glasses are sold to you in shopping malls, with all sorts of fashion brand name labels, by people who are definitely not medical doctors (but won’t dissuade you in the very slightest from mistakenly thinking so).  Guess what glasses are, based on that apt description.

I’ll just leave you with that.  Go make some 20/20 gains!


– Jake