‘Ello mateys!

Honestly some days I wonder if anyone ever even reads these post, and what the point is of spending ten years posting vision improvement updates.  Seem at some point, the point is made.  Right?

I don’t know.

Here’s Lindsey’s e-mail sharing her latest progress update:

Short and to the point.  

Also plateaus are well possible sometime along the journey.  I made a bit of a collection of videos on the subject, in this Youtube EM troubleshooting playlist.

Not the most up-to-date, but then it’s quite un-tempting to sit in front of a camera and make videos.

You’re too old Jakey, you’re thinking.  You lived back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and people had to resort to the printed word to communicate.  

Since Lindsey’s update really was pretty short, I’m throwing in a bonus one.   Here’s Jerry:

A diopter a year, doable.  Plus throw in some newbie gains.

I like the Facebook updates too, since you can go on our (currently) 29,000 member Facebook group, and search them out yourself.  No fluffing the gains, no distorting the realities, no ridiculous testimonial claims.

And I know what people say regularly.  “Do a proper clinical study, Jake“.  Well …….

These things cost money.  And time.  I’m certainly no academic writer or study designer or herder of participants.  Also what people tend to forget often is that this is largely a thankless project of just sharing crowdsourced vision improvement experience.  I’m not selling a product, not even supplements, there’s fairly limited incentive (and budgets) to be throwing at people to ‘fund’ studies.  And more importantly, the marketing of such studies to pay for itself, along with attached products.

This is all quite fringe.  On the other side of us is a 100 billion dollar a year business that exists solely to sell you glasses subscriptions.  Might be unconvincing logic trying to invest money to make a real business that goes counter their massive global interests.  Especially not when your favorite old eye guru is already old and ‘retired’ and enjoying life.

What you get, is this.  Written words and a scattered Website and the occasional option for some courses.  

Go make some 20/20 gains.

– Jake