Digging through the folder of participant improvement updates.  

Found a good one for you today:

Yes, 100% real.  

Actually there are many optometry validated improvement reports here, along with plenty of updates that include full 20/20 vision recovery.  

I don’t put too much stock in this category, even though it technically should be the strongest testimonial that endmyopia is real, it works, and is used by many tens of thousands of people all over the world.  

Why is it not that important?

Because I’m in no particular hurry to be crucified in mainstream media.  Here’s an interesting clip from a guy who went against the narrative.  He f*cked around and found out:

Statins, that’s a big seller.  It’s tiny though compared to retail optometry.  And yet, that guy just about lost all of his credibility and career, going up against them.

“As soon as your work threatens an industry or ideological cabal, you will be attacked.  Sometimes unrelentingly and viciously.”

You know … that’s some sh*t I personally don’t need.

I’m happy to help you figure out your eyes.  Share tools and methods and science and biology, be part of a bit of community building.  In a casual space, making silly jokes, sharing improvement updates, all of that.

But I’m not setting up to be the martyr dude, go to war with a 100 billion dollar a year global business.  Life’s chill, enjoying travel and adventures and friends.  Zero temptation to take on the risk of getting personally destroyed, just to potentially be famous or make huge piles of money from endmyopia, or be on Joe Rogan or ague with the world.  Not tempting, not worth it.

So, no huge flaunting of industry insider support.  Takes these little updates for what they are.  It’s real, people do it, the goal is your eyes, not trying to change the world.