Posting more 20/20 gains updates.

At this point there are so many that you can just pick whatever your starting diopters are from the drop-down menu titled “results” above, and find plenty of stories most relevant to you.

Can any retail optometrist, anywhere in the world, claim anything similar?  

Well, no.  Isn’t it veird?

Funnier if it wasn’t true. 

If Jake was an optometrist, we’d much more productively charge you 6,000% markups and sell you glasses that’ll leave you with an ongoing downward spiral of more diopters.

Because that’s literally the business model.  Count on you not knowing eye biology, get you dependent on their product.  Essilor is very proud how well that works.

Clearly then, trust them when they say “no other solution” and mysteriously genetic illness”.  Negligent, who?

Anyway, here’s a nice gains update for today:

I do use these to endlessly beat the dead horse, don’t I.

It won’t ever matter how much of the published science we pile up here, how how many improvement reports you read.  Our societies are built on capitalism.  Which is fine by me for sure, except when making money means having to sabotage your well-being to keep selling subscriptions (“prescriptions”).  

Endmyopia can never compete with that.  We don’t have the ad dollars, we don’t have the lobbyists, we don’t have the university funding, we don’t have a business model for shops to sell a thing.

So if you found this destination, you’re just lucky.  And probably, at least a bit adventurous.  Isn’t it veird!