My morning Twitter contributions (which you are so totally missing out on if you’re not following) include Justin Bieber, a Monsanto match made in heaven, and … wait for it.  A little explainer first:

Essilor is a lens manufacturer.  One of the biggest in the world.  They make the minus lenses you wear for instant clear vision, which a lot of scientific studies have suggested create the progressive myopia that millions of people suffer from.

Essilor is celebrating 40 years on the French stock exchange today.  Let’s see how they did!


(Posted by Essilor)

Look at their slogan. Improving lives by improving sight.  Oh, how the heart warms.

One man’s myopia, another man’s 23 billion Euro treasure, yea?

In 40 years they built a 23 BILLION euro empire, and possibly creating progressive myopia in millions and millions of people.  Inadvertently, perhaps.  Not willfully, yea, possibly.  Standing on the sidelines, if you want to believe it.  How many prevention studies have been funded?  How much have studies been put into the public eye that discuss actual myopia causes?

The lens business, growing at almost 20% a year.  You know what that is?  That’s your kids eyes, going bye-bye.

There’s joining #endmyopia, or there’s leaving it up to those guys.