Quick one here, before I forget.

Learning about diopters, initial excitement,  temptation to monkey with diopters.  It happens to all of us.  After all it’s pretty freaking awesome when you figure out that myopia isn’t some unfixable genetic disaster.  But with that, a lot of newbie fellow darling kittehz imagine themselves smarter than 20 years of Beardly insights and the collected wisdoms of many thousands of people working on their eyesight.  

It’s at once understandable and also pretty annoying day to day.

Annoying since year in, year out I get e-mails from peoples complaining about things like, double vision they have now that they didn’t have before.   “Jake, I went to the optometrist and I have astigmatism now.  Because of you and your giant beard and all your Internet talk about reducing diopters.  I hate you!”

Reducing too many diopters or too fast, on the list of 10 most common mistakes.

I’d be fine with it all, if in the end it didn’t usually come back around to be assigned as my fault.  I give all the best case advice and ideas, people take half of them, do whatever they feel like will do best … and when that doesn’t work out, it’s because Jake screwed up.


Ok fine, rant over.  You got double vision because you ignored my advice.  And now you’re freaking out that you screwed up your eyes.

You didn’t.  Deep breath, you’re fine.

Don’t go out and get cylinder correction.  Here is an example of the correct way to actually deal with the transient astigmatism symptom:

There you go.  

Also note that there are a ton more resources in the paid member section.  As much as it’s nice to imagine that people out there love working for free and paying all the bills to run this stuff, I actually do like to at least break even on the bills.  You heathens.  

And sometimes also not pay for my own coffee every day while answering questions and keeping this show up to date.

If you’re past the is-this-real stage and experimenting with all the free resources, stop over the courses page and pick yourself out a nice shiny membership option.  No need to be throwing around the big money, even Le Rough Guide gets you access to our member-only forum (90,000 monthly visits!) and 200+ Pro Topic Videos, and exclusive podcast episodes and lots more. 

Totally worth it.  And just like above screenshot is from our Le Meow forum, that’s usually where you’ll find answers to your questions, and fellow endmyopia enthusiasts getting some eagle-eyed vision.