Wouldn’t you know it, an Old Beard made a new video.

Dozens of people will watch it.

The theme of this one, blur horizons and differential diopters and how much you should (or shouldn’t) fret about the exact amount of over or under or exactly-just-so correction:

Maybe it’s because a Jakey’s brain is small, the goal is always to simplify as much as possible.

Start with the simplest possible way (and diopter choices) and don’t add any complexity unless the simple isn’t good enough to get the job done.  Less to keep track of, less variables in troubleshooting, easier habits, more likely to translate to a more varied group of people.

Simple isn’t super sexy or mythical or awe inspiring.  Which incidentally though are three words people instinctively think of when they witness the shimmering expanse of the eye guru’s beard.  

Talking like this will never make you appear legitimate Jake, you’re thinking.  

Which, you’d be right.  We like to make sure that nothing espoused here is ever mistaken for plug-and-play advice.  Or unequivocal or quotable or easily understood by the lowest common denominator. 

Either way.  Most likely one close-up and one distance correction is all you need.