Your favorite old Beard went though all the stages of optometry-grief while figuring out myopia.

I was excited at first.  To ask question.  To share experiences.  Hey!  My eyes are getting better!

Then, disbelief.  How do they not care?  How is this indifference possible?  You have my measurements, you are seeing this first hand!

Then, anger.  The rudeness.  The dismissiveness.  The professional arrogance and ignorance and complicity.

And then, acceptance.

Just kidding.  I’m still pissed.  There is still an endless amount of f*ckery going on in that industry and nothing seems to really be changing.  Especially the arrogant ignorance pushes my buttons.

Could a bunch of people go sue their optometrist for malpractice?  Well, there is a ton of well established clinical evidence that minus lenses cause myopia, and peer reviewed authors who go as far as using the word ‘negligence’ when describing current retail practices.  Maybe not everyone would win a case – but somebody would.

Somebody, setting a precedent.  

And from there the walls could be set to crumble.  

Could be.  But also let’s try not to do any of that.  Risk vs. reward, return on investment, life, happiness, etc.  Let’s stay focused on making 20/20 gains, understanding that the entire world around us is built for and on gain that doesn’t necessarily consider our well-being as an imperative.  McDonalds isn’t your friend, neither is the donut shop, or of course the retail optic shop.

Pick and choose.

Choose to avert your eyes, when watching this McCringlyface clip:

Go make some 20/20 gains!

– Jake