Excessive Convergence During Close-Up? | Endmyopia Q&A

Topics are converging. Close-up.

Jan 30,2023 · 1 min read

When does close-up cause potentially excessive convergence?

What even is convergence?

Who even is this guy anyway?

This and more questions likely remaining unanswered in this Q&A clip:

There we have it.

Reminder too, this glorious be- bearded sage isn’t going to live forever.  This is all a very finite source of indefatigable wisdoms and insights.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Also while it lasts, make some 20/20 gains.




    Formerly genetically defective. 🤓 Weaned off retail optometry lens subscriptions, now 20/20 eyesight. Also into BJJ, kitesurfing, paragliding, being stupid.

    Topic:  Nearsighted: Q&A

    Nearsighted: Q&A