Improving your eyesight is super simple.

Just reduce your close-up strain (no full minus), and then add a bit of strategic stimulus by slightly reducing your distance diopters.  There, that’s really all there’s to it.

Except … the devil, bearded as he may be, is in the details.

And having been at this for going on 20 years now it turns out that these details are seemingly endless.  At least judging by the questions and how my original plan a decade ago, to spend a week or two writing up how to fix myopia has turned out.

Oh well.

Here’s the latest clip from our recent Q&A chat:

I count eighteen more clips in the queue to be published.

There are also a hundred+ improvement updates I saved from my inbox that I still haven’t put up here.  It’ll all happen somehow, eventually.  We really should get some more minions to get some of this done.

Also go make some 20/20 gains.


– Jake