Short clip from our most recent Shortsighted Podcast episode, with Steve:

Dry eyes, for sure a thing to sort out before you get too far into the endmyopia journey.

You will possibly struggle more with active focus, and your visual acuity will be less than it should be with the correct level of tear fluid layer.

There’s also quite a bit of discussion about dry eyes over in our private forum.

Lots of individual experiences as well as quite a few solutions that may work for you.

I always recommend you start with our wiki for searches, then the forum – and if need be, the giant mountain of a resource that is this Website.  

The full episode with Steve, the whole story of his 50% reduction in lens dependence so far, is available over in our forum (in audio only format) and the video is in the Pro Topic videos (available with BackTo20/20 or Le Rough Guide).

You can also find the first 50 full episodes for free here.  

Side note on no-longer-free podcast:

I stopped doing full episodes for free to offer more to members who support these resources.  For a little while we started putting some full episodes on Youtube again – though no longer the case again since I sometimes end up in conversations involving personal opinions (gasp!).  And as NPC mainstream news adherents will certainly tell you, there is only one way to look at current events.  

And that was that, for free podcast episodes.  Since I don’t plan to self self for the lowest common denominator, most updated content is members only now.  

Check out the full episode if you’re a member, it’s worth a listen.  I have another episode already recorded as well – that one will be fun since it’s all the way down to 0.50 diopters.  We love the “ditched glasses” updates!

A bientôt, kittehz.

– Jake