Thinking of you guys while answering some questions over in the Le Meow forum:

There you go.  Don’t monkey with diopters till you really know what you need.

Veering off above topic slightly …

I spent the first eight or so years making free endmyopia resources.  Terrible Youtubes and lots of how-to guides and people’s progress updates and the Facebook group and our Le Meow forum.  As the Internet morphed more recently into the playground of cancel culture and endless inconsiderate entitlement, ole McJakeyface got to focusing on paid resources.  Noticing that darling supporters of endmyopia are a much better group than the general riff-raff of Youtube commenters and the Internet at large.

So if all the free stuff leaves you wanting more … cough up for a little bit of endmyopia support, for the current updates on all things endmyopia.  More than 200 videos of my updatesd are available in the darling member area exclusively, I have all sorts of options for guides and courses, up to and including personal support from me.  

And our awesome community forum, included with any membership.  Plus the latest Shortsighted Podcast episodes.

It’s not about the money, truly.  Does help though to pay all the endmyopia bills, but most importantly makes for community that is on the same page and enjoyable to interact with.

See you over there! 


– Jake