I recently did an hour long live chat video Q&A session for BackTo20/20 members.

Lots of eyeball questions were covered, good chat.  I made clips of some of the questions and a quick Youtube playlist for you:

Free stuff, somebody else doing all the work.  Isn’t Jakey just the nicest?

The question here is an important one, because kids.

I always hesitate to get into child-specific topics, I don’t have any paid courses just for children, that whole category is as important to me as I’m reticent to talk about it.

The thing with kids is, they’re developing.  Lots is going on.  You have to interpret their experiences through their evolving relationship with language, there is a lot of emotional and social and physical development going on – all things that benefit hugely from good eyesight.

Between the challenge of entertaining them (without using phones!) and making sure they see well, adding endmyopia in case of existing shortsightedness is absolutely a parenting challenge.

What I always says is:  Prioritize them seeing well.  From developing fine motor skills properly, to socializing naturally by being able to see facial expressions clearly, you really want to make sure that you’re not messing with diopters unless you’re really confident in what you’re doing.  Again, a lot of development relies on good eyesight.  Things I suggest for adults, may be too much of a compromise for a child.  It’s up to you to make choices on that front.

Anyways.  It’s all solvable, lots and lots of parents are doing it.  

Go make some 20/20 gains!