Hello there, darling eyeball investigator friend.

Let me preface this short parent-with-myopic-child update with …. it’s been a decade.  You know?  A decade of endmyopia.  Old McGrumplestiltskin going on about the same exact topic of myopia control.  It’s actually been much closer to two decades if you count the self experiments, the reading of Bates books, the trying of eye acupuncture in Nepal, the reading of vision biology and chasing down peer reviewed science and clinical studies.  

Twenty years in this non-business of figuring out how to fix your eyeballs.

Still ole Jakey’s got no fancy degree, no illustrious office, no published books, no bronze waterspout statues in public parks.  One has to wonder about this guy and his motivation levels.

Half the reason this is all still going on is that habits are truly a powerful thing.  Endmyopia is a firm part of the morning routine.  The other half, the inbox, e-mails, messages from myopes and parents and optometrists and eye doctors and lens sellers.  Hundreds of messages a day that keep saying, “hey this is still a topic”.

Here’s one of them:

Funny thing is if you know me in ‘real life’, I never talk about eyesight at all.  

I’ll talk about kitesurfing or motorbikes or adventure trips or whatever business acquisition obsession-of-the-moment.  You’ll perhaps be taken to think, well this certainly is a gentleman of leisure and eclectically varied financial interests.  He’s clearly not singularly obsessed with retail lens sellers lies and the documented gross incompetence of a 100 billion dollar lens subscription industry.

I promise.  This whole single minded topic is not all that I’m on about.  But online … yes.  As we see from the above story, one of thousands, it’s an ongoing saga and parents and people continue to discover how much they’re being lied to and ripped off.

Which, some people also claim that I’m just in this for the money.  Most certainly, money is on the ole list of desirable outcomes of doing work.  And still I’d start an optometry chain though if the goal was to make good money in the myopia field.  That should be pretty obvious to anyone even vaguely interested in ROI and business, and applying knowledge for maximum profitable outcome.  

There is lots of money in myopia.  There’s not lots of money in propagating some dubious fringe theory that your eyes are healthy and that you don’t need to buy a bunch of products.

If there’s zero money in it, then something like endmyopia ends up pretty expensive for your favorite ole Jakey.  Not even counting my time (which is super valuable to me, life is a one time deal and we don’t get of our time back), just all the bills are thousands of dollars every month.  Just the last two days bills were almost two grand for marketing (hey, you want to be able to find all this, right?) and fixing ever-breaking code.  

So, do buy stuff.  In my own personal life, I always try to use the paid options for online courses and teaching and things that add value to my life.  It’s a big, silly leap for anyone to take often much more marketable skills, and devalue them to balance benefit for all with personal gain.

It’s that or the only answers you get is lying sacks of sh*t telling you that myopia is genetic (proof: it’s not) and selling you glasses at 6,000% profit margins.  

There we go.  I thought this post would end up a rant about lying ophthalmologists.  Instead it turned out to be an ode to selling our very most awesome BackTo20/20 course – it’s been around 9 years running, updated again for 2023.  Learn all the things to fix your eyes, with support from me personally.