Here we go kittehz, another improvement update.  Including some presbyopia reversed.

I can’t believe we still do these.  Granted I don’t post 90% or more of what shows up in the inbox, they all just languish in a desktop folder procrastinatingly labeled ‘improvement updates’.

I do thoroughly enjoy the updates though, selfishly and just for myself for the most part.  Best part of opening e-mail every day.

If you’re wondering if this here post will be another epic digression and questionable rant, your guess is as good as mine.  I wonder what will come out of the typey fingers every time they hit the keyboard.

Let’s start with that improvement report though:

reversing presbyopia

There we go.

If you’ve been around any length of time, none of this is all that surprising.  Your eyes aren’t genetically defective, and no matter how long we go on with all this, the results are forever the same.  Treat the biology as intended, and it will respond by functioning correctly.

Shocking stuff (at least for your retail optometrist).

Of course we also enjoy the presbyopia reversal (or just 60% improvement so far, pretty good).  Not really my area or focus, the cause of presbyopia is different.  In many cases though we can at least reduce the actual lens dependence.

And there we have it.

Zooming out a bit, I genuinely used to believe that I fell into some very strange unseen conspiracy, with this whole myopia, 100 billion dollar a year lens industry business.  For years I was saying, hey look, the evidence is extremely overwhelming.  We understand the biology.  Countless studies have been done.   Myopia starts out as >pseudo< myopia and becomes >lens induced< once the retail diopter subscription is added.

There is no mystery to solve.  They’re selling you a short term fix that long term gets them a locked-in customer.

Seriously, I was living life scratching my head, how this could possibly be going on.  Why don’t people know?  Why do literal doctors (ophthalmologists) and less-so-literal doctors (optometrists) not know basic vision biology?  Why doesn’t anyone question that we’re all suddenly shortsighted?  Why aren’t there alternative treatments?

I guess that was before we got invited on a hundred different health podcasts, and learned that this is the status quo for much of retail medical care (care, heh).  Everything is mysterious and genetic and best you can do is subscribe to some pill.  Also let’s wait till something is screwed up, prevention is zero percent a topic in any hospital.

Then your ole Beardly got a Twitter subscription (the Musk-ey version) and found out that it’s not just the retail health space.  If it makes money, it’s very possibly corrupted.  Super weird what all comes out when you remove the corporate inconvenient-fact checkers, and general large scale silencing of our collective opinions.

Truth be told, Cranky Pants was incredibly naive about a whole lot of things.  And also now realizing that this was probably better for the general mental health.  We really are some f’ed up species of monkey!

Anyway.  Semi-rant, this?  I do wonder if it’s just me or if we’re generally in a state of waking up to things.

Go make some 20/20 gains.  At least see the world literally more clearly, if nothing else.