Well ‘ello there, darlin’s.

Ready for some 20/20 gains that lead all the way to being unsubscribed from retail optometry treatments?  

All that and yet another reverberating juicy slap in the collective faces of retail optometry?

To recap first and apetizer-ey, for the seven millionth snarky fun time:  Retail optometrists lie.  About pretty much everything, from why you have myopia to what their treatments really do.  Whether it’s out of unfathomable degrees of deeply embarrassing ignorance, whether of the collective failings of the lens industry sponsored universities, whether it’s because “paycheck depends on ignorance”.

They lie.  That’s all there is to it.  We’ll happily to challenge any one of them to come on the Shortsighted Podcast, have a nice debate about science and biology and facts.  Or be on any other show or media.  Live, uncensored, bring any and all counter arguments to endmyopia’s overwhelming success.


I’ve said this for years and extended the offer to hundreds of optometrists and ophthalmologists.  Nobody has ever taken us up on it.  Makes sense though, just like they wouldn’t get in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson.  They’re just not equipped for this kind of a fight, whether it’s Mike or Jake.

Staying in their lane, selling you glasses that keep making your eyes worse.  B*ches.

Nobody is on your side, except you.  Hell, even ole Jakey sells courses (however awesome they might be).  Jakey definitely window shops Mercedes G-Wagens.  Jakey, definitely not some kind of saint.

Even if by fortuitous circumstances – and perhaps some vaguely humanity affirming career choices – I am on your side.

Get to the damn point Jake, you’re thinking.

Ok fine.

Watch Jake gloat.

And might I ask, again:  Show me one single retail optometrist who ever, in his or her entire career, had even one single solitary person improve their eyesight.

Follow-up question:  What is their real job, then?

F*ck those guys, and their entire 100 billion dollar sham of an industry.  They will destroy your eyes, quite literally and without any sort of remorse.  It’s all and only about the money.  If it were anything else, they’d have an answer for these shots your favorite ole Beard keep taking at them, for over a decade now.

Other than having me suddenly “committing suicide”, they got nothing.

Go make some 20/20 gains.

– Jake