Phoning in an improvement update for you today.

For reference, this one started out needing differential glasses for close-up, and now doesn’t:

This one is also in the low myopia reports category.

Because yes, at some point (around 2015 or so) I managed to start to categorize these updates.   Doing it despite sheer laziness and the sense that this is just an ever-repeating circle of the same thing, with seemingly endless people just reporting improvements.  

The way I figure, at some point the mountain of first hand reports and data will convince somebody that biology is a thing, that even optometrists can’t all deny that vision adapts, that none of this is all that far fetched.

Even though I did fetch it from far, for you.  You’re looking at two decades of work to improve endmyopia.

Look at it with less diopters, too.  Go make some 20/20 gains.