‘Ello there, fellow darling eyeball tuners.

I see the comments sometimes, people asking why all the Jakey sarcasm and random jokes and seemingly not taking the myopia topic seriously.  Yes I know, how dare they.  

You know why though?

Because sometime during the past 20 years of doing this (initially with much enthusiasm), I realized two things:

1) Retail optometry hates actual answers to the myopia problem.  The industry that is sanctioned to tell the story of what’s up with our eyes, just wants to sell you glasses.

Bad eyes = money = their business model.  

and 2) Actually, most people don’t give a sh*t about truth or being better.  Or seeing well on their own.  Of course this isn’t entirely true.  A whole lot of people actually care, and are out there looking for answers.

And sometimes, even finding those answers:

Look at that.  Their kids, not going to be lens wearers.  And the parents are escaping retail optometry’s other little scheme, the “your eyes get bad as you get older” sales pitch.

It’s all fixable (most of the time).  

I’m trying to put a dent in giant desktop folder labeled “improvement updates”.  We’ve got something like 1482 more of these interesting first hand vision improvement updates I tagged but haven’t posted yet.  And that’s by no means all of them, just ones where I remembered to grab a quick copy.

Endmyopia works.  It does take some effort and learning and it’s certainly as weird as any other self-improvement journey.  You’ll have to go through the whole process of curiosity and skepticism, digging into whether eye guru is an actual credentialed title (of course it is!), and making sense of the biology.  And then self measuring and figuring out your own diopters, adjusting habits.  Eventually getting the results.  

For ongoing motivation stop back by, I will keep working on posting these updates.