Making it through the very full folder of all of your 20/20 progress updates here.

Endmyopia, fixing your eyes, a long term project.  The way I designed the whole system to work is to have you learn all you know in the beginning, build good habits, and then be on “autopilot” for the most part.

No eye exercises to do, no eye vitamins to buy (actually, nothing mandatory to buy from me at all).  

Habit based setups tend to lead to success most reliably.  Here’s a good example:

Nice, right?

Unlikely we’d get many of these if you had to do regular eye exercises.  

You want more of a ‘set it and forget it’ type of approach.  While all this is new and exciting, learn all the things you need to know.  From how to satisfy your skepticism, understand the science and biology, become self sufficient in managing your diopter needs.  How to measure, quantify progress, set achievable expectations.

And then ultimately, escape the lens subscriptions.   Let’s go!

Keep me updated on your progress, too.