Here’s a nice BackTo20/20 course support forum post we got a while back, from a very awesome parent:

As Old McBeardlington likes to often repeat, so much like a broken record:

Either you trust the system, or you learn about how things work – and decide best course for yourself.

I’ve written about MiSight, interesting stuff.  And plenty about the plain idiocy that is atropine poison drops.  They will charge you for answers, that’s for certain.  For cheap you get the not-so-great kind, and if you really are willing to drop some money, they’ll change your forever subscription to something slightly less bad for you.

That or jump in the deep end of the Internet, dig through the unicorn farms and conspiracy ideas, see if you find any actual truth and science and biology.  It’s a stretch! 

Speaking of science, I curated a whole bunch of our musings on that front.


– Jake