Almost 100% of parent e-mails and messages I get, only avail lens-seller information on the child’s eyesight.

There’s never any “and we have an eye chart and our child can read x-line”.  Never.  I’m all for going to a doctor for diagnostics and health checkups.  Note though that they may or may not educate you on how to self-assess issues, or treatment options that may not be financially viable for them.

My take, educate yourself.  Put up with the swamp that is the Internet, make it past all the conspiracies and magical cures, find some science and potentially safe ways to explore long term well-being.

Well-being of your kids eyes, too.  Measure at home.  Don’t rule out corrective lenses if that’s what’s needed, but be aware that they create numerous side effects and should be considered with some caution.

Quick video:

For a huge library of parent experiences to potentially learn from, check out our child myopia section.


– Jake