My most fellow darling kittehz.  Welcome back!  

Let’s jump into a little round of improvement updates and musings from the community.

Because it’s as always, overdue.

Simone:  -10 Down To -7

In some cases finding endmyopia is a really big deal:

It’s ein Christmas miracle, dahlings.

Not to be flippant.

But we’re talking difference between being on the road to serious potential eye issues, vs. now nicely reducing diopter dependence.  

Much better scenario.

Sharon: Centimeter Increased From 35cm to 50cm

Love this:

Forever vs. a few years.

I don’t like to throw around “life changing” but at the very least, that’s eyeball changing.  

Four Year Old Child:  20/80 To 20/40

If you’re a parent:

Fix it early.

You might know that uncle Jakey is a parent as well.

This is the stuff I care about on a personal level.  As an adult you can make your own choices, opt to do research or blindly trust a massive for-profit corporate cabal.  That’s all on you.

But 4 year olds don’t know that watching cartoons on phone screens isn’t great.  And that wearing minus lenses, even less great.

So having parents at least know the option, that’s a big deal.

Daniela:  From -3.25 Down To -2.25

I like this one:

“Meh I’m doing it.”

Goes to show that you don’t have to go all nuts just to reduce your diopter dependence.

All you need is a few better habits.

Ari:  Optometrist Asks What I Want

This one, a bit unusual:

Love it.

These guys are out there.

I used to keep a directory of supportive optometrists, but then some less than friendly, little mainstream tattle tale rats decided to use that directory to snitch on our friendly optometrists.

Get them in trouble for giving people choices.

So now, as with most things Internet and lowest common denominators, you have to find these awesome optometrists yourself.  I made a few videos that may help on this subject.  Here and here.

And let’s just have one more.

Ophthalmologist:  Kids Don’t Need Glasses!

Rare moment of wisdom:

This is FACTS.

Sadly you don’t get this sort of responsible practicing regularly.

Otherwise there’d be no need for endmyopia, this highly non-rant-filled blog, independent improvement reports, or digging into the science backstory.

Alas, Jakey is still the (😂 ) hero we … deserve.  (Want?  Cringe about?  Ignore?  Who know, really.)

No actual heroes here.  Besides you, making all those 20/20 gains.