We talk quite a lot about child myopia.

Especially child myopia prevention is so entirely feasible and yet not offered as eduction for parents or health care professionals.  We have an entire wiki section dedicated to just the little ones!

Luckily and slowly endmyopia reaches at least some of the child health ‘influencers’.

All you need to really know to keep your kids eyes working properly:

Number one, phones are not toys for children.  Ole Jakey never ever wants to see a child playing with a phone.  But if you do think that’s wise parenting, also hand them a glass of whiskey and perhaps a cigar.  It maybe a juggling act to hold on to all three but challenges is what life is all about.

Phones, not children’s toys.  Also iPads aren’t babysitters.  The level of wanton negligence in parenting there hurts an Old Beard’s sensitive sensibilities.

“Oh but Jake, the little one will be quiet for HOURS.”

Why not just buy a tranquilizer gun?  That’ll work really well too and probably isn’t any worse for the child.

Number two, plus lenses (aka old people reading glasses) can be great myopia prevention.  If the child isn’t myopic yet, introducing plus lenses gradually for close-up work is a game changer for long term myopia prevention.

This is a whole topic unto itself.  Don’t monkey with lenses until you know what you’re doing.  This isn’t diopter or medical advice.  Or really, advice at all.

Just vaguely guru-esque pointers towards misty mountains and therein contained wisdoms.

Oh and also …

Yes, some optometrists sure do practice sanity.  Rare, but real.

Go make some 20/20 gains.  And keep your kids away from phones and (minus) lenses.