Hey darlings,

Your favorite bearded sage gets daily and endless e-mails from parents.  

Parents who, apparently did manage to find endmyopia and my e-mail, but not the gigantic child myopia section of the site.

Mysteries abound.

Or anyway, the questions abound.  Jake, my child got -1 diopter glasses.  Should I let my child wear those?  And I want to say sure, wear them, if you want the myopia starter pack.

But I try to contain beardly sarcasms.

I also try to contain just having my e-mail signature be this article stating that not explaining myopia control should be considered negligence.  That’s a damning one and filled with respectable evidence, right from within the bowels of modern optometry.

But who cares.  People want to trust a guy with a paper square on his office wall, pronouncing him an expert.  Even if his expertise largely manifests in making 5000% profit on selling you glasses.

Jakey, who you might as well call Cassandra.

I can explain all this stuff all I want, I can link all the studies, I can show all the improvement reports, nobody cares.

Not care, or they think endmyopia is all some giant conspiracy:

That is a weird question.  Why would anyone ask the creator of a thing, whether his thing is fake?  Granted yes the obvious answer is that dude bro is well intentioned and just wants some reassurance.

Well.  Wrong place for reassurances, this.

That’s right. This is what you get when you combine a lack of financial motive with no desire for fame, and weary fatigue of trolls and dummies.

I do feel for parents, however.  And celebrate their successes:

That does kind of make it worth it.

And while we’re already here:

That is pretty cool, and lowers a bearded cynicism at least enough to share this post with you.

One more!

Also very nice.

And no, I didn’t pay for these, or make them up.  Not because ole Jakey isn’t some kind of terrifying capitalist Schweinehund, but just because who can be bothered?

Just a bit of fleecing hapless crypto bros and their amateurhour trades, the YOLOs looking to gamble, an old subterfugionist might make endlessly more easy money than selling you some Internet course.  For which then I’ll have to be accountable, and provide support, answer questions, make sure things work out.  

That’s a lot of work.  So you won’t find me promoting paid stuff much at all, even if I most definitely appreciate you supporting endmyopia as a resource.

There we go.  Go make some 20/20 gains.