Young Child Glasses: One Focal Plane?

The deeper you go, the more nuance you find.

Jake Steiner

May 07,2021 · 1 min read

You have a young child, already in glasses.  

You’re reading and learning and figuring out normalized, differentials, blur horizon, focal planes.  But now you’re thinking … my child doesn’t really have close-up screen time, yet.   Not in school yet, I don’t use iPads as babysitters, so maybe differentials make no sense?

Also, how would you keep track of when to wear what, and how much ongoing effort and confusion will two pairs of glasses add?

Some potential answers on this, in this  quick video discussing single focal plane preferences for young children:

As always, there’s lots more in the child nearsightedness section.

And in our child myopia YouTube playlist.




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