New Shortsighted Podcast episode is about to go live!

Lexi has made it down from -4.25 diopters to currently -2.00 diopters.  Her journey includes a lot of emotions, from not wanting to wear glasses, living life in blur trying to negate the reality of her eyes continuing to get worse.  Not finding help from the establishment professionals, being told that nothing could ever be done.

There is so much more to myopia than diopters and putting on glasses.  The effect of being stuck behind corrective lenses, not knowing why our eyes are failing us, being told that we’ll be helpless and have to accept losing vision.

Lexi is at university currently, studying evolutionary biology.  Her take on the experience is even more interested for somebody who already understands a great deal about biology and research.

Check out this quick two minute clip:

There’s so much more in the full episode!

I’ll have it up in the next few days.  It will be available from the Le Meow forum, as well as in our BackTo20/20 member area – look for it in the Pro Topic video section (along with my 200+ pro topic videos).

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