Apparently doing active focus while having an “exam” and the glasses subscription shop, is a no-no. 

Clip from one of our Shortsighted Podcast episodes:

Pretty funny stuff.

There’s lots more on active focus click this:  more active focus links

A video I made four years back, explains my general feelings about optometrist measurements:

They’re subscription sellers, darlings.

Also and side tangent, (EM) v2 is in the works.  Which includes Active Focus Version 2, which will be way way easier to find for newbies and generally an improvement worth the 10 years you’ve been waiting for it.  There’ll also be 50% faster gains, a ton more on contact lenses, extended screen time, and a whole new measuring system.  

Don’t hold your breath though, cause all this runs on Jake-time.  If you’re on my e-mail subscriber list, I’ll keep you updated.  Or check our wiki, which is currently old timey v1 stuff but will get a total overhaul with lots of v2 teasers (eventually).  

Best way to stay on top of everything is Le Meow (our private forum) and in general, any endmyopia membership.  Your support helps this whole resource a lot, and so much v2 content will be members-only.  We learned this in the last ten years too … “free” is great, but also attracts a lot of headaches that we’re not about.  Less is more sometimes, as in less effort trying to change the word (of freeloaders).

Exciting times ahead.  Hope you’re enjoying some awesome 20/20 gains!