Active focus is the key to actual vision improvement.  

It’s a biological ‘feature’ of your eyes ability to refocus a small degree of blur, in many instances.  

I’m one of just a handful of practitioners of any sort worldwide, who use the principle successfully as part of a holistic vision improvement system.

*And since I get asked this all the time:  the right font size to do active focus / measure eyesight, is regular text font (12pt or so).  Any book, magazine, average Webpage, should do the trick.   Technically it doesn’t matter since blur happens no matter the size of the text, but it’s simply easiest to spot at the most common regular reading font size.

Time to pull out the incense, light a few sticks for your eye guru.

Om, shanti shanti, kitteh!

Here is a visual approximation of the experience:

Since active focus can be a bit of an elusive topic for those just starting out, here are some links to help you get started:



Some relevant science:  Blinking resets focus.  See forum thread here and original paper here.

Newbie tips:

Pushing Focus vs. Pulling Focus:

A great couple of videos from Gemily:


Find lots more here on active focus.