As always your favorite old homeless eye guru is guilty of not posting nearly enough guides and how-to’s and updates in the blog.

Guilty as charged, your honor.

You will find more frequently updated content in Le Meow (our private forum) and in our Facebook group.  A lot of times I’ll just screenshot an interesting e-mail and post it in either of those venues since it takes so much less time than writing a blog post here.  So if you’re either on Facebook or want to be off social media via our forum, those would be the places to check for frequent updates!

Anyway, here’s Maurice finally figuring out his distance active focus:


Sometimes patience is a key ingredient of the process.

Especially active focus is a concept that’s somewhat intangible, and the initial “how to find it” experience is hard to specifically quantify.  I put together a whole page of active focus content to hopefully help you with that one.

Once you have active focus, and build a habit around it, you’re well on your way to making all the gains.  

Be sure to share your progress!