New Daily Beard is up on them there Interwebs-eses, kittehz.

The longer your most favorite ole Jakey is at this, the more our communities grow, the more random peoples stumble on our resources, the more I realize that this isn’t really for everyone.  Lots of the questions suggest that plenty of people just aren’t ready for anything more than “five easy stepzzz”.  

Really though, you’re about to learn how to re-tune your vision.  There’s plenty of nuance and details and self discovery and habit adjustment and general acquiring of knowledge and experience involved.  As much as I want to make all of this easily accessible and easily usable, we have to concede that this topic requires some immersion. 

So immerse yourself into this video, and the terrible face therein:

There we go. 

It’s kind of obvious once you consider it.  Build in the triggers for habits and let that do the work for you.  Much easier than relying on future-you to keep remembering and doing something and continually investing conscious effort.

This advice and art direction, brought to you by Captain Lazyface himself.  

I only do well with things that make it into habits and routines.

Also as much as I am not in a rush to promote corporate social media, we do have a new-ish Facebook page.  I’ve started posting some of these videos there early, along with various other bits of content.  Reason currently mainly that we have a chatbot there that helps a bit answering newbie questions.  Just hit the ‘send message’ button to try it out.

And of course as always, if you want to escape the social media madness, there’s our old timey and simple community forum.  Best place to catch up with fellow darlings, if you ask me.

But don’t ask me.  Just go make some 20/20 gains.