Peripheral Vision To Help Active Focus

What lurks in the periphery ....

Feb 08,2023 · 1 min read

Another clip from our Q&A live sessions is up, kittehz.

Peripheral vision, a topic we don’t cover nearly enough here.  Mostly because it’s too easy to let the endmyopia method balloon into an endless expanse of ‘tricks’ and activities and approach details.  

And also because for every solution I introduce, five hundred million new questions present themselves.

Peripheral vision activities don’t work well with glasses, for example.  You really want contact lenses for them.  Or if you wear glasses, you need large frames, without dark borders.  And if you have a lot of diopter complexity (cylinder, diopter ratio, high spherical) then peripheral awareness with glasses can actually become counterproductive.

Yes, vision improvement by reducing diopters is quite simple.

Till you get into it.

Here’s the peripheral vision clip:

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