A long time ago ole Jakey made a ramble-faced video that pissed off a lot of optometrists:

You can’t see dislikes anymore, but that number was … pretty big.  

Mostly I tried to explain why that single measurement isn’t really all that representative of the entire picture of your eyesight, diopter needs, myopia.

I explained the concept again recently in our Le Meow forum:

And most importantly:

As with all personal improvement projects, there is a bit of a rabbit hole.

Check out more of the optometrist confirmed gains and gains overall, as well as 20/20 fully recovered gains.  Of course this is just the tip of the ice berg, as I’m neither that great at posting all of the e-mails I get every day, and certainly not everybody takes the time to share their updates.

Moral of the story, eyes are healthy.  And they adapt to stimulus.  And the optometrist is trained for that stimulus to work out for a lifetime lens subscription.  Participation is optional.  

Go make some 20/20 gains!

Update:  Here’s another one, from our forum.  Stick around long enough and you’ll figure out the retail optometrist measuring scheme is entirely full of bias and open to interpretation.

Smoke and mirrors, kittehz.  Smoke.  And mirrors.

Get out of their subscription schemes and back to 20/20.