Here we go, the Roger Shortsighted Podcast episode link, just for you!

Check out the 2 minute version if you’re not sure if the whole thing is worth taking your time:

I enjoyed the chat.

Note that this and future episodes are only available to members of endmyopia, in its various forms.  We’re not doing free podcast on Youtube anymore.

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I do keep adding to the 200+ videos in the Pro Topic Video list:

If you have the Pro Topic Videos, new episodes are at the top.

Three more episodes of the podcast are already recorded, and I have four new videos planned.  With titles including:

  • Why 60cm Is The Ideal Close-Up Distance (and when it isn’t)
  • My Eyesight Is Worse At The Beach:  Little Details, Big Vision Differences
  • Why Start The Day Without Diopters (20 Minutes No Glasses Habit)
  • Don’t Ask Me About Your Optometrist Exam Results

These will all be in the Pro Topic Video list.

Just like BackTo20/20, I continue to update resources that you may already have paid for.  I don’t do sneaky “pay me again” tricks, we don’t mess around with endless upsells and all that.  I try to give you the most possible value for being a member, which includes ongoing updates to content to help you on your eyeball journey.

Yes it’s all in the usual Jake-style of being unscripted and not on set schedules, and who knows what I’m doing next.  But with best intentions and focus on you, who supports this resource.

Here’s the full Roger episode:

Hope you like.

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Topics I haven’t checked yet.

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I’ve been a bit less motivated the last number of months, feeling a bit burned out in general with doing free stuff for the ungrateful riff-raff of the Internet.  It’s been much better once I changed my focus and attitude, deciding to make things for fellow contributors and members.

And various little odds and ends will benefit the existing free resources as well.  Like the two minute Roger clip, motivate everyone to work on bette eyesight.

Keep making those 20/20 gains!

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