Back to posting some progress updates more regularly (let’s see how long that lasts).

Here’s Michael’s update, from a starting -10 diopters:

His updates and comments are here in our forum.

Yes, you’ll need an account to see these posts.  We went from being totally open to all lurkers for years, and free to sign up, to members-only a while back.  Way too many people, way too much anonymous browsing, nobody loves to be indexed by Google either.  Plus moderating efforts and all that, lot of work for nobody getting paid since we don’t do ads or anything either.  Jake’s got beaches to be on, wings to foil.  

To get in, either buy a course, support endmyopia.  Or hang around the Facebook group, every month or so I give out free invites (they get taken super quick so … snappey snap!).

Theme of endmyopia is likely to continue to be sarcasm and not trying to feed all the lazy masses with just the steps.  Better eyesight is a semi-serious project for semi-serious people who really want to get it done.  There’s way too much noise from the quick-fix crowd, and I don’t have the patience and energy for all that.

Stop crying Jake, you’re thinking.

Fine.  Everything is ‘open source’ and available.  It does take some initiative and effort.  Michael cut his lens dependence by 50% already.  From double digits to moderate myopia, that’s pretty awesome.  Give him a few more years and he’ll barely be needing glasses at all.

This is achievable.

Keep making those 20/20 gains.