Did you come here looking for Andrew Huberman eye exercises?

Well.  There is good news, and bad news.  

The good news is, I made a (very very bad news) reaction video to the Huberman Lab Podcast episode with Dr. Goldberg on “improving eye health”.  

Andrew Huberman Eye Exercises?

Well … I tell you the best place to start to find out what ole Hubes knows about myopia, eyesight, and how to improve your eyesight.  It’s his recent podcast talking about eye health, which turned out to be very telling.

I made a reaction video.  Which explains everything you need to know about eyes, eye exercises, Dr. Huberman, and things to not waste your time on.

Yes yes.  I just hit play on their episode, and record on the ole Webcam.  Perhaps that wasn’t the right idea.  It’s a genuine reaction, I didn’t see any part of the episode prior to this ‘live’ take:

If you’ve watched it …. yea.  There is some very needless impolite opining on my part happening.

I tried to edit some of it out actually, when re-watching it I totally see why people gave me a hard time in the comments.  

It’s harsh.  

Again though, it was my real reaction.  I could not believe that two Stanford ophthalmology PhD’s know this little about eye biology and myopia.  It’s been my pet topic for 20 years now and it’s one of the things that pushes my buttons.  I know, you know.  That and there would be no endmyopia anyway if I didn’t have this particular personality or affliction with the myopia topic.

Dr. Andrew Huberman appears to NOT understand myopia causes.  Or perhaps he does, but it’s not in his handler’s commercial interests for you to know.  Or hey, here’s an ophthalmology journal article literally stating that glasses cause myopia.  Not something you’ll get from Huberman Lab’s podcast, eh?

If you want to know why your eyes are messed up exactly, check out my short animated eye health series.

Without knowing for sure, it looks like Huberman and Chief Inspector Dr. Goldenberger are just clowns.  Yes, if your favorite ole Jakey toned it down, the odds of ever getting on a podcast with with these guys might be non-zero (as it is now probably).  I want to, believe me.  But how do you stay cool when you first hear the nonsense they talk about?  The “light spectrum, maybe”?

This is how we will never get cozier with the mainstream, or appeal to a larger audience.  You’ve got a (magnificently bearded) guy at the helm with little to gain, no sense of propriety, no finesse, no aspirations of fame or fortune.  It’s not a great recipe for success.

Or is it.  I think it’s more fun to get a smaller crowd, but one you don’t have to walk on egg shells on, for.  Be all lowest-common-denominator friendly and hypoallergenic for the masses.

Huberman Lab: Eye Health Is A Mystery

The Huberman Lab episode on eye health is as bogus as it gets.   

Also though consider that they’re part of a 100 BILLION dollar a year industry, that exists primarily by pretending their treatment doesn’t cause more myopia.  Cause more myopia, cause more profits.  Ignore the actual root cause, just get people on a lifetime symptom treatment program.  Stanford University, kids.  Helping big business make big money.  If you’re looking for Andrew Huberman to tell you about eye exercises, you’re heading for a dead end.

Huberman wouldn’t have a few million followers either, if he were to bite the very hand that feeds him and his ilk.   If you want to know what actual professionals say, check out this article explaining how “failing to discuss myopia prevention verges on negligence“.

It’s all scam.  Check out this LA Times Article, titled “How Badly Are We Being Ripped Off On Eyewear“.  That one’s a doozy.  6,000% average markup on lenses, darling.  That’s what they do to you.  All while the figureheads like dearest deer-in-headlight Huberman shrug and go, “well we don’t know what causes it”.

Check out my very genuine reaction in the video above, where we actually take the time to dissect their points, shine a spotlight on ignorance (purposeful or not), and do some ‘splaining on what actually goes on with your eyeballs.


Hey, maybe one day Jakey will be poor and you’ll get something more palatable than rants and digressions.  Meanwhile if you want to see what happens if you listen to a guy who actually understand eye health and myopia, these are some of the results.