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This isn’t really going to be the definitive and glowing review of  Zeiss MyoCare S lenses.  

The easy fix to your eyes not getting worse, is not a few defocus rings (though yes the premise is supported by science).  But to understand what it all means, let’s dive into this not-really-review and a short missive on myopia control and half-truths, and stick around to the end because you can stop your eyes getting worse without spending a lot of money on fancy lenses.

If you know me, you know that I always keep saying the same thing:  The 100 billion dollar a year lens industry isn’t stupid.  They didn’t build one of the biggest sources of recurring revenue and profit on earth, by not knowing what they’re doing.

They Know Their Glasses Are ‘Addictive’

They know.  They know that their glasses cause more of the problem, and by selling them to you once, they’ll have you buying them for life.

Here’s a short video I made a while back, explaining the idea:

That’s how it works.  (and here’s more short explainers about eyesight)

Seems outlandish!  A lot of of Internet health stuff and otherwise non-mainstream ideas definitely should cause a health dose of skepticism.  In this case though we’re talking about the most mainstream of mainstream companies, telling you that other glasses indeed make your eyes worse.


Zeiss MyoCare S:  Less Bad … Is Better?

Read on for Zeiss saying that minus lenses cause more myopia.  

Well not exactly, you have to know a little bit about the biology terms they try to impress you with (without really explaining the meaning).   What they’re literally saying is that their special MyoCare S lenses don’t do – what the regular glasses do:

Zeiss Mycare S Lenses

The link to their MyoCare lenses currently is here.

Let’s make sense of what they’re saying:  So there is axial change (elongation and shortening) which is what happens inside your eyeball when it’s working to adjust for ideal vision.  It’s a very neat focal plane adjusting mechanism in your biology that works from the day you’re born, to the day you die.  

Putting minus lenses in front of your eyes can add to the stimulus that tells your eyeballs “we’re too short right now, we need to elongate”.

That’s hyperopic defocus.  Caused by the glasses they sell you.  Which is why your (can) eyes get worse, wearing glasses.  As I also explain in the quick video above.

Yes I’ve been saying it for decade(s).  They know all about what causes your eyes to get worse, axial elongation and what causes it, but they won’t tell you unless there is some specific economic incentive to do so.  Which isn’t unique to lens sellers, that’s the case with any and all business.  

It has to have customers, it has to be economically viable, the narrative has to lead to an outcome of creating shareholder value.

A Cheaper Alternative To Zeiss MyoCare S

Do you really need to shell out for MyoCare S lenses?  Well … you could just get differential glasses.  

That’s any brand, for a few bucks.  You just need to know the right diopters.  

And that’s the little secret they definitely don’t want you to know.  Because how do you stop your eyes getting worse and axial elongation, really?  You don’t cause hyperopic defocus, that’s how.  Which means not wearing full power full distance glasses while you’re just looking at a screen in front of your face.

Fix the focal plane, fix the problem.  No need to buy special patented lenses for it.

The same result, at much less cost.  And we don’t just ‘slow myopia progression’ here.  Our aim is to get rid of their lens subscriptions altogether.  That they really don’t want us talking about though, since that would put (most of them) out of business.

Zeiss Myocare Pricing

Quick update after the monthly e-mails I send out, got a huge bunch of feedback (we have a quarter million e-mail subscribers, wow I forget sometimes).  

Things like this:


Well now you know the price on them telling you the truth about their glasses.  Maybe it’s $3,000 if you just need them for one pair of eyes – though I’m pretty confident they’ll find more things to add onto that bill.

Retail optometry.  What an epic, unending, hilarious scam.  

In Our Podcast: Zeiss Myocare Hypocrisy 

Anyway …

Ideally none of this is news to you, and you’re already making 20/20 gains.