Hello, my name is Jake Steiner.  I’m a one trick pony.  All I’m here to tell you is that …

Retail optometry is a 100 billion dollar a year scheme to sell you a lifetime lens subscription – while hiding from you the fact that you could very easily just fix your eyesight.

The irony of the universe.  Jake, the guy who least enjoys conspiracy minded whispers, and mainstream denialists, and Internet hippies, and all the “they’re out to get you” stories, …. ends up being the exact person to say all of those kinds of things.

It pains me.  I know what I sound like, telling you that optometry operates on a foundation of lies, and that their “treatment” only makes you depend on more of that “treatment”.

But such is life.  

Actual, real, life.  Not even conspiracy, just straight in your face:

Well, isn’t that veird, jaaa?

Petra couldn’t have been improving, unless of course she went to an optometrist who didn’t have her prior results handy.  

Pure coincidence.

But just like the potential malice of selling super low diopter glasses to people who don’t need them (rant post here from just yesterday), this happens every. single. day.

Like here, literally from the same day, in our Facebook group:

Yea, must have been some kind of mistake, the last measurement.

Anything to fit the retail lens selling narrative of some kind of “mysterious genetic defect, and nothing can be done about it besides selling glasses”.  Even if literally the opto measures a notable improvement, the obvious can not be admitted to.

Of course if you’re reading this in early 2021, parallels could be drawn to other dubious stories circling the planet now, with dubious science and large profit opportunities and all the thing we won’t get into (because who knows, and that’s not the ole guru’s topic).  

Still.  Science is clear on what causes myopia.  And those whose income relies on there being an irreversible condition are doing all they can to keep the narrative on top.

Come to your own conclusions.