It’s been a long time since ole Jakey got into rant mode.

You know, it’s illogical to really get excited  anymore. A literal 20 years since a clueless and myopic and much younger Jakey first started researching eye biology. Since then, reflecting on the seemingly lifetime’s worth of talking to scientists, doctors and countless fellow darlings reducing their diopter dependence. Feeling like there’s nothing else to say.

There are over a thousand articles on this site.  The endmyopia Facebook group has 30,000 members.  The endmyopia private forum gets 40,000 monthly member visits.  Endmyopia Youtube videos have been watched over 345,000 hours.  This Website gets over 500,000 visits per month.

We figured it out, for the most part. We definitely figured out that the myopia industry is a money grab, that they create more myopia, that they will literally tell you the truth – but only when there’s a marketable product to sell with it.

And your dubiously favorite uncle Jakensteen stopped being starry eyed and believing in humanity. Sometimes I’ll do a paid ad on Google or Twitter and the responses are just rather telling. Telling why optometry continues to exist and why we’re just a species of dumb monkey. See some of the comments here:

Also and partially unrelated, this 31 second video accurately summarizes humanity.  Wait for eeeeeit:

Exactly.  Myopia is the least of our problems.

Meanwhile someone’s favorite guru of ranteyness lives at the beach, got enough money to enjoy life, and not that young anymore to get into causes. People aren’t really ole Jakey’s problem and this whole thing certainly doesn’t make enough money to warrant the headache.

That’s why, little flappery from the offline-guru’s mouth lately.

Today FB posts did get there though. Check this out:

I mean ….. right?!

Since you’re here you hopefully know basic eye biology. Even within the profession, the effects of hyperopic defocus due to use of distance diopters during close-up, are beyond well established.

Literally what this “doctor” advises, will cause more myopia. And lots of eye strain in the meantime.

What did he do exactly, during the EIGHT years of schooling? What did he learn? What did they teach him? I’m not even being facetious here, it’s just frighting to imagine how much this person does not know about eyes. This is the best we have, as humans, the ones we have to go trust to discuss vision health and help us?

We might as well be in the Stone Age. Except then, we wouldn’t have this guy inducing myopia.

But ok, fine. That still wasn’t enough to bring me out of rant-hiding. But then ….

Literally in the span of three minutes of scrolling in our FB group. First an actual “doctor” doesn’t know how eyes work, and then this clown actually tries to sell a guy -0.25 diopters of glasses.

And hopefully and most likely you being here on this site, know how very much 1/4 of one diopter is not myopia. Is not a “prescription”. Is quite certainly in the range of acceptable refractive change error in a lens. Yes, you could buy that -0.25 lens and it could actually be closer to plano than -0.25. You could take an actual Plano lens and this lens and do a double blind (heh!) test with a group of people who are not myopic (like the guy who posted that), and the outcome would be like flipping a coin.


The only question is whether they are simply entirely stupid and ignorant, or lying to themselves (and definitely to you) to protect their income stream. It just boggles the wee mind that these two examples that amount to total ignorance and (IMHO) malpractice, are just standard, common place, the current status quo of mainstream optometry.

And what’s worse, what if ALL of doctor-ship, retail medicine, hospital care, whatever you want to include, is like this? What if they’re generally this clueless? I’m being serious in wondering … that would be more than a little scary.

What is going on around us.  Please do share your thoughts if your in our FB group or private forum.  It’s hard to make sense of how you reading here, non-doctor like, may have learned more about myopia in this single post – than they apparently did in eight years of university study.