Let’s do this again, kittehs.  For the sake of repetition.

Glasses. Cause. Myopia.  Glasses. Cause. Myopia.  Glasses …

That much isn’t a debate.  Yes, you could argue that Jake is nuts, you could argue that having too much time and money turned Jakey into a raving lunatic, you could argue that proclaiming yourself an eye guru is a clear sign of mental instability.

Jake = Totally unstable, mentally.

But that part only concerns how we address stopping and reversing myopia.  That part yes, that’s far out, as far as the mainstream is concerned.

But not, definitely not, the cause of myopia, the effect of the current treatment paradigm on the progression of it.  That part is f*cking perfectly well understood by ophthalmology science.  We cover that subject every so often, with links to studies, since it bears repeating.  Anytime and every time an optometrist or ophthalmologist tells you that myopia is a genetic illness, you’re officially and legitimately looking at an idiot.

If that sounds excessive then consider how these lens sellers peddle 16 century non-science under the guise of a medical treatment, making themselves rich and your eyes a mess.

Look at the above link.  In case you’re too lazy to go there, a quote from it:

“… refractive correction of myopia will lead to accelerated progression.”

In other words, glasses increase the rate at which your eyesight gets worse.  This is printed in ophthalmology research journals, and not even infrequently enough to where a practitioner could be excused for not knowing this.  

I hope you think at this point, Jake …


“Myopia is genetic”.  A horse much beaten, but far from dead.

Devils advocate, for a second:

You could say, mainstream science is only admitting that glasses only make myopia progress faster, not that they cause it.  But with that admission and considering which hand feeds them and biting that hand, you can read between the lines and apply some reasonable logic to the rest of the argument.  Also …

Would you take a headache medicine that stops your headache now, but gives you a bigger headache tomorrow?  And an even bigger one the next day?

Since this is an article in our science category, let’s include some science, yet another one of the zillion studies that makes the same point.  Glasses. Cause. Myopia.  Use these studies to calculate exactly how much of an idiot you’re dealing with, when you ask your optometrist what causes myopia (but please, please .. don’t start any arguments).

Here is a PDF download, science proper, a study titled “The progression of corrected myopia“.  

This one is courtesy of Sean in his thread on the endmyopia FB group.  He found and posted the PDF, along with his own perspective on endmyopia:


That’s how you do it.

Look at that.

If you trust me from the first time you read my stories, you’re insane.  I’m some guy on the Internet, claiming to be the eye guru, claiming wildly that all of modern (retail) optometry “science” is a bunch of money grabbing pseudoscience nonsense.  I’m a random guy who claims that these clowns abuse the title of “doctor” and “prescriptions” to sell you a dependency-creating product.

Crack for the eyes, I say.

Sean doesn’t trust me, but Sean goes, well, hmmm.  That’s all curious stuff.  And then Sean goes out and does his own research.  Both in medical science studies, and his own first hand experiments.  That’s how you do it.  Don’t trust, but use me as a starting point, as the first crack in your trust with the optometry establishment.

You can head over to Sean’s thread (see link above).  If you don’t, here are some of my comments:


Linear f*cking progression.  In flagrante delicto, your honor.

Refractive development.  Emmetropization.

Yes, I know.  It takes some patience to learn the vocabulary of ophthalmology science studies.  Some less scrupulous online characters use a whole lot of science jargon to scare you into trusting them blindly.  I don’t want you to trust me.  I want you make you suspicious, of me, fine, but also of them.  The Internet, and the optic shop, and everyone.  Take a few days and do some research, like Sean did. 

I put plenty of it out there, we have a whole category on just the science.

You’re either going to keep making them money, a literal shortsighted sheeple, or you’re going to wake up and find out what science knows, and retail lens sellers won’t tell you.

Cheers, kittehs.